Which school is better?

I feel now a day’s parents are too stressed about which school to choose, which board to choose? I feel a child should be stressed towards learning. You can choose any school, any board but let the child enjoy the process of learning. Learning is never ending and is not limited to any school or institution.

A parent has to trust the teachers, the school they decide for their child and above all faith on their child. It doesn’t matter how many marks your child gets. A child has to believe that they are unique and they will do well in life no matter what field they choose. We have to make them confident, independent and capable towards leading their life.

The most important school for a child is her home. No matter how nice a school is but if the house environment is not good then your child is not going to benefit that much. A child has to feel happy, satisfied and content in her home. If they find a harmonious environment at home they can excel.

So don’t worry about which school your child will go, or which board you choose. Just give your unconditional love to your child and undivided attention. Your child will definitely excel. Just have faith in your mother instinct. A mother is first and best teacher, a true counselor and the best guide. Just keep an eye on your child’s activity and progress.

So do as much research as you want for your child’s school. But choose a school near your place so that your child gets enough time to spend with you. So have faith in your mother instinct and trust your child, her school and teacher. The trio will do wonder.

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