Technology is it good or bad for kids?

Our generation is a gadget freak generation. Technology is no more luxury to us it is a part of our society, part of our existence. Then how justified is its use for children especially small children. Young children below 4 years are simply imitating their elders and learning from imitation. They want to talk like us, walk like us, work like us. So, when they see us using our gadgets so sacredly they get attracted towards it all the more. And what keep them pulling towards it further is not allowing them to use it. They want to explore it as they see it every day, but they are not allowed to, once they get access towards it they don’t want to let it go. As they don’t get it easily.

So, what should we do? What is right? According to me the use of excess technology is not good for smaller children as their brain is developing. We should try to provide as much as hands on experience as possible. But considering the fact that technology is no more remote and is part of our lifestyle. We have to provide them the right access. If they are apps it should be age appropriate, if they are watching TV again content should be considered.

It is very easy to say that they should not be allowed to watch screen. But it is quite difficult for those parents who are lively alone. Technology is breather for them as the child needs full time attention and change. It is not quite easy to be active with them always. I agree to the fact that the screen time should be minimum as possible. But if your child is watching for some time there is no harm.

The child should be exposed to outdoor activities, free play, and physical activities. No other mode can teach a child as much as a human interaction. The more a child is exposed to people, the more she will learn.

Always remember children are creating memories every moment. Just remember what you want to be in their memories. Let technology help you not overtake you. It is a human who created not the other way round. So, nothing can take your place. It is just a time out for you. It is for you to feel a little relaxed and come back. So, use it that way and don’t worry. A mother won’t be wrong for her child. Trust your instinct and everything will fall into place.

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