We all have heard the saying ‘Patience is the key to success’. Yes I heard it too but never believed it. The real meaning of patience comes into application once you become a mother. Life changes and the only thing which can survive you is PATIENCE>

In life I have learnt only one lesson that whatever has to happen will happen only in its due course. Nobody will get their due share before its time. When the appropriate time comes things will start falling into place. By cribbing, irritating, stress nothing is going to happen.

I keep getting irritated due to certain incidences and situations life bestows upon me from time to time. I get angry on my daughter, get irritated but after everything finish I start feeling guilty. Why do I do all this? What is the fault of a small baby? I regret later but what is the benefit of regretting later. The child would have hurt her feeling, would have felt annoyed at you.

There is no other solution to all the problems other than patience. We have to be patient no matter what happens. Whatever is happening is meant to happen. Time will not remain the same for ever, have faith. If it is tough time it is going to pass soon. Wait patiently things will improve soon, just keep your cool. Every moment brings some change, just wait and watch what is happening. Whatever will happen it will happen for good. Don’t let your child grow up too soon. Enjoy each moment of their childhood.

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