My Experiments

truly believe that with the birth of a baby a new couple is also born known as parents. We learn so much, we experiment so much. I think it is not us who teach them but the other way round, it is the child who teaches us how to do things correctly. I have realized that children don’t cry uselessly it is us who have done something wrong and not appropriate for them, we don’t accept our fault and blame on them. I have blamed my baby a lot of time when i become mad and tired and then when i cool down i regret on being stupid. So just try to be patient and give some time towards your parenthood you will learn the traits and eventually become a proud and confident parent.

Well now lets discuss my experiments with my daughter.

1. Stole- I used all my colorful stoles to wrap my baby, to keep her warm during her newborn days and it worked as the more cozy they feel the better they sleep. I didn’t purchase baby wrappers and sleep suites.

2. Plastic sheet style diapers- Like bum genius, in India we have a company called tinycare, they have a diaper with insert. Due to the plastic covering it is durable during night time, i used it only during night as even with it baby gets some rashes. But they save a lot of money you spend over diapers and they give good sleep to the baby. But i don’t recommend it once a baby starts to roll over or sleep on his tummy as the Velcro irritates them on their hips. so till the time they are on their back it is good.

3.Quick dry sheet- It is a must have. Don’t go for the plastic sheet and homemade bed sheet or towel sheets. This sheet is really good. It absorbs wetness and keeps the baby happy.

4. Wipes- I made my own wipes for cleaning my child. Initially i used to purchase baby wipes but later i kept it only for travelling, at home i used home made wipes. I used old t- shirts soft ones to clean my baby.

5. Sanitizer- I prepared a sanitizer to use at home and commercial one is kept for travelling purpose.Just mix baby shampoo, dettol liquid, olive oil and water to make a solution and put it in a spray bottle use with home made wipes for easy clean up.

6. Potty Training- Introduce your baby to the potty as soon as she can sit comfortably without support, as soon as you do it sooner you can minimize your laundry as the baby too needs time to get used to it. Don’t expect your child to start giving you signals for po and pee, but yes if you make them sit at correct time they surely help you by doing in it. I purchased a small potty so that my baby is comfortable sitting on it and i can throw the waste using one hand plus it is easy to carry. I am not is favor of musical and fancy potties. I am not for it. I recommend simple one.

7.Feeding- Feed them small quantity and at regular intervals. Give them opportunity to self feed. Start with finger foods and slowly meals. I have still not touched meals yet. Use sippy cups for water when your baby is seven months old help him with it and  by eleven months she will drink from it nicely.

8. Cough and cold- Use nasal drops to ease respiration. use honey, basil leaves and ginger syrup. Use little quantity of basil leaves and ginger as it is bitter in taste.

9. Teething- Massage honey on the gums of your baby it soothes them, give them teethers to chew on. Start on with solids as it helps to lower the irritation as the chew the food.

10. Cows milk- when you introduce cows milk it should be undiluted and in smaller quantity to check the reaction, slowly increase the quantity. And supplement only one feed at a time. You can start with 30ml cows milk with rest of formula or water to slowly reach the required quantity with one one feed at a time rest feeding let them remain the same breast or formula. You can start the process once your baby completes eleven months so that by the time she a year old you can give her cows milk independently.

These are some of the things i did for baby and my experience of motherhood so far.

I hope you all are enjoying the journey with my baby. Happy parenting.

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