Let kids remain kids

Just look around we have so many different things happening. If we don’t do something we feel guilty. The overdose of options available to a parent leaves a child exhausted. We have so many things coming up for children that it is difficult to decide what to do and what not to do. A general tendency that I see among parents is that how much they say that they agree to the fact that their child is different, they don’t agree to the fact that their child is different. They always want their child to do everything that other children are doing. We are in a rat race and we are sending our children also into it.

Each child should get the right stimulus at the right time. They should get an opportunity to explore different activities. But exploring different things doesn’t mean that they excel in it always. Every child is unique and they have their own likes and dislikes. Give them opportunities without labeling them. With expectations from them. Let them enjoy the activity. Whether it is art, craft, singing, dancing, sport, instrument. They can’t excel in everything, but they can enjoy everything.

Keep life of your child as simple as possible. Turn back to your basics. A child is a child; they will grow and mature at their own time. Let them enjoy this beautiful journey called childhood. Just for few proud moments or a few claps and cheer don’t bring down their pride.

Today’s children are a lot more capable and mature. We need to accept the fact and try to give them safe and healthy environment. Let them relax, let them enjoy, let them be happy and above all let them be a kid. It’s time for us to mature, not for them.

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