It’s party time…

As Christmas and New Year is round the corner. Party time is in the air. We all are  looking forward to have some fun and gala time with friends and family. It is fun to be around people, but to handle the work associated with the gathering is quite tough. Well I finished with one of the party this week at my home and I would like to share my experience with all of you.

As we both are working parent we are left with very less time to manage things. Icing on the cake is I work on Saturdays too. It was my daughter’s birthday on 19th. We were totally confused as to how and what to do. My daughter was super excited for her day and had been waiting eagerly for it for months. So, we can’t just do it just like that. It has to be special. It was a week day (Monday). It is tough to get people on time in Bangalore. The credit goes to traffic. So we decided to celebrate her birthday at home.

Our hunt was on and we went to book her cake. We had been tasting cakes from many shops for the occasion and we liked JUST BAKE. There taste was good. We wanted a theme cake and the design was from my baby, she wanted a RABBIT. The colour code has to be pink and a rabbit too. So we were done with the cake. When we were ordering it, I saw they have some combo package for party. It included food, party supply and cake. I was fascinated by it as the price was also economical. We took the package but still had doubt about the quality and quantity. When we received the package we were so happy. Everything was taken care of, plates, tissues, glasses, caps, masks, party pompers, balloons, confetti, streamers, food and our cake because of which we got all of it.

It was such a relief as we both were not able to give time to the arrangements. JUST BAKE just in time came so handy. I am so thankful to them; the quantity and quality both was good. They delivered everything that they promised and on time. They do theme cakes; the cakes are soft and tasty. I simply loved the experience with them. WEEKDAY, WORKING, LESS TIME. We never imagined it will turn out to be so good. The party was a success; everybody liked the arrangements, the food and the cake too. We were so relieved.

Thank you my baby, it was because of her excitement that we had to arrange a party, and we got such a wonderful helping hand. You all can also give it a try and share your experience.

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