Difference between ICSE syllabus and CBSE syllabus

After entering motherhood, I have seen many changes in our lifestyle. The topics we discuss, food that we eat, places that we visit. One such topic of discussion among all the MOM’s out there is about which board is right for their child. Which board they should choose?

Yes it is a difficult choice, but not as difficult as it is portrayed by some. We need to figure out that what we want for our children and what is the difference in the approach of these two.

Firstly ICSE is not a board, it is a certification. The major differentiator for an ICSE and CBSE is their English language skills. They develop love for Literature unknowingly, as they exposed to Literature in depth from the starting till the end. Poetry, Prose, Shakespeare is an integral part of their syllabus. The approach is more practical, the syllabus is vast. The children have to do lot of projects. So, if you are looking for a little vast syllabus, especially English then go for it. It is better if you aspire to send your abroad for higher studies.

Second choice available is CBSE board. It is proper board governed by government. It is shown to be difficult by some parents, but is not so difficult. The course covered is not very vast. It is appropriate as per the child’s need. Grading and no examination has made even lighter for Kids. Everything is covered that is required for competition exams in India. It is a better choice for those who aspire for Indian universities, as it prepares them well for it. Indian parents feel it to be better. As the relevance of Literature and Shakespaear is not useful for kids in future.

So, making a choice is a parent’s job as a child is not aware to what is going to happen to them. Visit a school that is near to your house. Choose a board that suits you more depending on your child. As during the early years the pressure is less but from middle school things change. So, make a decision based on all the parameters.

Understanding the philosophy of the board also helps in making our choice. I hope these pointers will help to find the difference between ICSE and CBSE.

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