7 Tips that will help you save money that you spend on baby products

There are so many things we need to purchase after the arrival of a baby in your home. I would like to share with you certain ways where you can save money. You can use items available in your home instead of purchasing it from outside. So, let’s explore what are those hidden items.

1. Stole- I used all my colorful stoles to wrap my baby, to keep her warm during her newborn days this also helped her to sleep better. I didn’t purchase baby wrappers and sleep suites. So, have a look at your wardrobe and use your old stole or shawls to wrap up your baby. You can take help of your mother to redesign it also.

2. Plastic sheet style diapers- We get diaper style panties for babies; they have a plastic cover and come with an insert (pad). Due to the plastic covering it is durable during day time. They save a lot of money you spend over diapers. You can replace the nappy insert with small old hand towels or old towels cut into small pieces.

3. Quick dry sheet- It is a must have. Don’t go for the plastic sheet and homemade bed sheet or towel sheets. This sheet is really good. It absorbs wetness and keeps the baby happy. So while your child is sleeping on it you can keep them off diapers.

4. Wipes- Instead of purchasing wet wipes use cotton or use old cotton t-shirts. I had cut them into small pieces. Make a mixture of liquid soap, dettol and coconut oil. Dip the small piece in this liquid and clean your baby. Once they grow little older, you can only use water.

5. Sanitizer-Just mix baby shampoo, dettol liquid, olive oil and water to make a solution and put it in a spray bottle use with homemade wipes for easy clean up.

6. Cough and cold- Use nasal drops to ease respiration. Use honey, basil leaves and ginger syrup. Use little quantity of basil leaves and ginger as it is bitter in taste. This syrup is quite effective for cough. You can give only honey also, if your child refuses to take the syrup.

7. Teething- Massage honey on the gums of your baby it soothes them, give them teethers to chew on. Start on with solids as it helps to lower the irritation as the chew the food. Avoid giving plastic teethers available in the market; instead give carrot, cucumber to chew on.

Try these small tips and tricks. You can find all the items at home. It help to bring down some of your expense.

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